Catholic Annulment - Another Chance 
Let Us Help You Prepare Your Case 
Why should you apply for a Catholic annulment...

After going through a divorce, most people don't even want to think about going through an annulment. Divorce was painful enough. But you may be in a position where an annulment has now become a necessity, especially if you want to remarry in the Catholic Church. Are you in any of these situations:

• You’re a divorced Catholic who has fallen in love and wants to remarry in the Church.  

• You’re a divorced non-Catholic who has fallen in love, and your Catholic fiancé wants to marry in the Church.

• You're divorced and already remarried [Catholic or non-Catholic] and you want to bring your civil marriage into the Church.

• You’re a divorced non-Catholic who wants to become Catholic and also remarry.

Or, you may want an annulment out of a desire to change your present "married status" in Church law back to a "single status."

• You're a divorced Catholic who wants the option to remarry in the Church in the future.

• You’re a divorced Catholic who wants an annulment for “peace of conscience.” 

Whatever your reason for seeking an annulment, let us remove any present stress you're experiencing about the process. Whether you are Catholic or non-Catholic, we’ll make the annulment preparation easier for you. 

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