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                                              Accolades from Individual Clients
(Given the personal and confidential nature of our services, individual clients are identified by first name, last name initial, city and state.)

"I am blessed to have worked with the personnel at Catholic Annulment -Another Chance services.  They were extremely helpful in working with me to process my annulment request and were there for me both spiritually and emotionally during this time."
Carol H. Trenton, NJ

"A divorce is very much like a "death", and the same faith that carried me through that time will certainly prevail throughout my annulment process. You offer a wonderful and reassuring service to individuals like myself who want to live within the sacraments of our Catholic Faith.
I commend you and all other members of your team on the compassion and professionalism with which you have handled my case.  You have truly been an answered prayer.
Thank you Sr. Sandra!"
Patrick H.   Washington, DC

"I just heard today that my annulment was granted! Thank you, thank you Sr. Sandra and Fr. Joe for your supportive and encouraging comments at the start of this process. After working with you I felt confident moving forward with the annulment. It was especially meaningful to me to have you validate my experience with your comments before I even submitted my application. I am very thankful to you both for this healing opportunity."
Susan T.    Newark, NJ

"I was so intimidated by the annulment process and the myths that surround it. You are offering such a wonderfully compassionate service to those of us who need it. After dealing with you, I want you to know that you are truly an instrument of God's peace."
Barbara K.    Providence, RI

“Sr. Sandra and her associates at really assisted us at a time when we had no place to turn. Navigating church law proved to be very difficult and CA knowledge of annulment criteria and tribunal interpretation was very helpful. They assisted us at every turn of the process and constantly re-assured us as we traversed the road. Today we are happily married and are living a fulfilled spiritual life within the Catholic Community. We involved them mid-way through the process. In retrospect we should've called them at the beginning.”
Andrew L.    Denver, CO

"I have been telling anyone who deals with counseling divorced Catholics, or those I know, about your ministry. I just do not know if you realize how much of a blessing you are in the life of someone hoping for an annulment."
Jim P.    Cincinnati, OH

"Thank you so much for your services. I can't express how much you've have made this process easier for me. Your help has been immeasurable."
Robert T.   West Palm Beach, FL

“I was so happy to begin this process at last! You have made a complicated and confusing process so much easier to navigate. I will recommend your services to anyone I encounter that needs an annulment.”
Judy W.   Chicago, IL 

“I really wanted to get my annulment underway, but I knew that I would make mistakes filling out the forms and statements by myself - that might have cost me everything. So many thanks for your help.”
Jerry B.    Pasadena, CA

“We heartily endorse for anyone who is truly serious about filing for their annulment and who needs assistance in the preparation of their case. We found sincere concern for our welfare, compassion, terrific communication and a heartfelt desire to work with us to achieve our dream of joining the Catholic Church from What we thought would be a nightmare of confusion became, instead, a loving, healing experience and a true gift from God.”
Tim and Sonia B.,   Sacramento, CA

“You have no idea how wonderful it was for me to talk to you. For the first time in all these years, I knew that someone in the Church finally listened to me and understood what I went through in my marriage and divorce.”
Patricia S.    Phoenix, AR

“I am not Catholic, and did not understand why I have to get an annulment of my former marriage. You answered all of my questions. And even though I still don’t agree with the Catholic Church on why I need an annulment, I want to do this for my present wife, who is Catholic. To that end you made this whole application process easier for me. I’m very grateful.”
Andrew J.      Edina, MI

“You have been Heaven sent to me and I just want to thank you so very much for your kindness and professionalism. I wish God's blessings for you and your ministry.”
Carla M.         Brooklyn, NY

                           Credibility endorsements from other Professionals

“As a church judge I have found that divorced individuals all too often are at a loss on how to focus their annulment requests. Sometimes their presentations are too brief and sketchy, while at other times, they are too long and bogged down in details. In both instances, it is difficult to grasp a clear picture of the marriage in question. offers a tremendous service to divorced individuals, as it offers them the opportunity to work with knowledgeable and sensitive canon lawyers. These annulment experts are a great help in giving support and encouragement to people. They can also immediately answer questions and aid a person in formulating a concise, readable marital history. I highly recommend this annulment preparation service."
Rev. Henry A. Orszulak, Church Judge,   Buffalo, NY "As a Catholic priest of 28 years, it is my pleasure to recommend the services offered by The church lawyers who offer this pastoral ministry to the divorced are dedicated women and men and experts in the field of church annulments. They offer sound advice, compassion, and sensitivity to divorced individuals who want to bring their broken marriages to the Church. I often call on them for annulment advice."
Rev. James Shanley, Pastor, St. George Parish, Guilford, CT

"As Founder of The Conciliation Institute, a statewide Mediation and Arbitration service established in 1996 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, I have worked with family law issues in the court system for over thirty years.  I often deal with religious issues facing my clients who are going through the divorce process.

Some Catholic clients want to address the matter of a church annulment at the time of divorce. They understand that divorce dissolves their civil marriage, but they also recognize that it has no legal effect within the Catholic Church. As such, they often have questions about the annulment process. is a service comprised of experts in Catholic marriage and trial law. As former and active church judges, these women and men can answer the full spectrum of questions posed by my clients. They are well-equipped, professional church lawyers who assist divorced clients in the preparation of an annulment request. is the first phone call I make when I need an expert in field of Catholic annulments."
Mary Sean O’Reilly, J.D., Houston, TX 

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