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Annulment Resources for Catholics and non-Catholics:

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#1 Best Selling Book on Annulments

Annulment: The Wedding That Was  
As you begin to consider the annulment process we highly recommend this easy to read and best selling book on annulments written by Father Michael Foster, a church judge with over 25 years of annulment experience.

Websites for Annulments

Canon Law Professionals 
If you would like additional church law services...

Websites for Divorce Support

Catholic Divorce Ministry  
Excellent resources for Catholics who are separated or divorced...

Divorce as Friends 
Articles, resources and support to help individuals minimize conflict during divorce and possible save their marriage...

Woman's Divorce
Helping women survive divorce and rebuild their lives...

Roman Catholic Divorce Issues
A website that offers informative links about the religious implications of divorce for various religions.

Websites for Remarriage Support

Catholic Guide to Divorce and Annulment 
Annulment information from, a website focusing on second weddings and marriages.

Official Roman Catholic websites

The Vatican 

The United States Conference on Catholic Bishops 

Canon Law Society of America (CLSA)  

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